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Advent calendar

online on 1 December

Advent calendars have been around for almost 200 years. They have constantly adapted to the times. In the meantime, they have also arrived in the digital age. The Swiss Holiday Park has also created a digital Advent calendar again, where you can win a prize every day on our Facebook page.

According to Wikipedia, the first self-made Advent calendar dates back to 1851 and served as a counting aid and timekeeper, so it had a rather unromantic function. The functional Advent calendar became really popular and commercialized around 1950. Printed calendars were available with romantic motifs that matched the season. The door of the 24th of December was always the biggest one, usually with a religious Christmas picture.

In the last decades the Advent calendar developed enormously. The classic, uniform version almost no longer exists. There are thousands of different forms and variations. Sometimes even 24 windows of buildings become an Advent calendar. The topic has also become very commercial. Many companies offer Advent calendars. Either with sweets, beers, wines, cosmetic products etc.. However, the romantic touch has been somewhat lost in the process. But there are still many who make an original Advent calendar themselves, for their children or their partner. There are countless ideas for this on Pinterest. The business world has discovered the virtual Advent calendar for its customers. We have also prepared an advent calendar for you.

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