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Autumn and Advent

Time to slow down and strengthen the immune system

The last three months of the year are perfect to pause for a few days. Hiking and wellness are an ideal combination to switch off from everyday life. Now there are particularly attractive offers for a short wellness holiday.

    This will get you through the winter healthy, beautiful and relaxed.

    October, November and December are months that are ideal for taking a few days to recharge. Many people still have to take vacation days and you don't want to travel far away. Wellness days in combination with hiking are especially nice. This active activity is particularly good for you and releases happiness hormones. Around Morschach you can hike all year round. Again and again you will be overwhelmed by fantastic views. And even a long walk in the fog or in the rain is recommended with the right clothing. Fresh air and exercise will help you get through the winter in good health. And what could be better than rounding off a day's walking with a wellness package. At the Swiss Holiday Park you will find a huge selection of relaxation offers. If you are looking for a few days of peace and quiet and would like to be pampered by our wellness team, then you should book now. The offers are particularly attractive during the quiet season. After such a wellness holiday you return to everyday life with new energy. Autumn and winter are also the season of colds and flu. Cold and heated rooms not only put a strain on the immune system, but also on our skin. To help you get through the winter healthy and beautiful, we have put together a few tips that are very easy to implement.

      10 tips to get through the winter healthy and beautiful

      1. Fill up on vitamin D. Did you know that it is not vitamin C that prevents colds, but vitamin D? So if you swallow vitamin C tablets every day, it won't do you any good. Vitamin D, however, is important. It is formed in the skin when sunlight hits the skin. Killer cells are formed and the defence system is strengthened. Vitamin D is also found in fish, especially salmon and sardines.
      2. Exercise. When you exercise, not only do you get fit, but your immune system is also strengthened. Regular exercise, preferably outdoors, activates the killer cells and kills viruses. But do not overdo it! Excessive sport does more harm than good. And if you are already ill, it is better not to do any sport.
      3. Drink enough. Heated rooms dry out our mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are part of our immune system and should be protected from dehydration. Therefore, always drink enough, preferably hot or warm drinks.
      4. Get enough sleep. Many people sleep too little. This puts a strain on the body and weakens its resistance. With enough sleep and recovery phases during the day, you become more resistant.
      5. Eat healthy. A healthy diet is especially important in winter. We need many vitamins and trace elements. It is important to eat high-quality and seasonal fresh produce. Especially recommended are vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, which are high in fat but contain high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid convenience foods and prepare your food fresh. It's also fun and tastes twice as good.
      6. Ventilate regularly. Fresh air not only perks you up, it also helps to moisten your mucous membranes (see point 3). Short, regular and intensive airing in the home and office is recommended, but you should not sit in the draught.
      7. Wash hands. When you are around large crowds, for example on public transport, viruses can spread very quickly. If possible, you should avoid crowds and shake hands as little as possible. If you have to, then wash your hands at the next opportunity.
      8. Visit the sauna. If you go to the sauna regularly, you will strengthen your immune system and prevent colds. At the Swiss Holiday Park there are all types of sauna, from the Finnish sauna to the steam sauna, so you can sauna according to your preferences. Seasonal infusion ceremonies make saunas a real experience. Learn more
      9. Ginger tea: Ginger tea is considered a miracle cure for colds. Cut small strips from a piece of ginger and pour hot water over it. With lemon and honey it tastes really good and does you good.
      10. Adapt your skin care to the winter. The heated rooms, as well as the cold winter air with low humidity, draw moisture from the skin and dry it out. Low temperatures cut down on oil production, and a cold breeze is not kind to the skin either. What can be done to keep the skin fresh and healthy? It needs care from the inside and from the outside. If you drink about 2 litres of water or tea, you will supply your skin with moisture from the inside. Fresh fruit and vegetables are also good for the skin. The external facial care should be adapted to the season and products should be used that contain more oil. In any case, the products should be adapted to the skin type. It is best to book an appointment with a beautician, where you will receive professional advice and your skin will be treated to a winter pampering programme. And treat your skin regularly to nourishing face masks. This will keep your skin beautiful even in winter.
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