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the in-house dairy products on the breakfast buffet

Hardly any hotel in Switzerland has anything like this to offer. On the grounds of the resort Swiss Holiday Park is the small Erlebnishof Fronalp. Cows, chickens, rabbits, goats and horses live on the typical Swiss farm. The milk from the ten cows, which produce between 150 and 200 litres per day, is processed entirely on site. Cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter and milk can be found on the breakfast buffet and in fine dishes. Read about the process from milking to the finished product.

Yoghurt has been produced for centuries and was originally used to preserve food. The production process is basically the same for industrial and small-scale production. The temporarily stored milk is put into a heater. Yoghurt cultures (lactic acid bacteria) are added. This initiates the fermentation process in the appropriate tanks, which lasts several hours. The bacteria feed on the sugar contained in the milk and produce lactic acid. This is the "fermentation". The lactic acid bacteria work best at 40°C.

The ingredients contained in the milk, such as protein or calcium, are retained in the yoghurt.

In-house yoghurt production at Swiss Holiday Park

In contrast to industrial production, where only heat-treated milk from thousands of cows is ever processed, at Swiss Holiday Park only the milk from the ten own cows from Erlebnishof Fronalp is processed into yoghurts. The proof of origin is therefore given. The yoghurts also contain much less sugar than industrial yoghurts. The production of yoghurts and other dairy products requires the highest standards of hygiene and quality. The Swiss Holiday Park works with an external expert to guarantee quality. The Swiss Holiday Park also uses a unique milk pasteuriser, which was developed as a project work and of which only two units are currently in operation, one of them as a training facility.

The yoghurts with different flavours, but also the fresh meadow milk and the eggs from the farm can be bought in the in-house shop.