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Green Globe recertification

The Swiss Holiday Park has been Green Globe certified since 2015 and was one of the first hotels in Switzerland to receive this certificate. Green Globe is an internationally active certification organisation for sustainability founded in 1993 and specially developed for the travel and tourism industry. In November 2018, the Swiss Holiday Park was due for recertification. In their report, Green Globe particularly praised the sustainable garden design, the organic herb gardens, the nutritionally developed children's buffet and the healthy offerings on the menu, as well as the smart resource management. We want to keep working to improve our sustainability and do our part to ensure that future generations will have an intact environment.

Green Globe is a global sustainability system based on internationally recognized criteria for sustainable management in the travel and tourism industry. It is headquartered in California, USA and is present in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The Swiss Holiday Park developed a long-term sustainability strategy more than ten years ago and implements it consistently and continuously. Many major projects such as the connection to district heating and the resulting CO2 neutrality have been implemented. Many millions of francs have been invested. But countless small measures to improve the environmental balance have also been implemented. The use of LED lighting or the massive reduction in paper consumption, with every employee thinking twice about whether they need a paper document, consistent recycling are just a few examples of smaller but effective measures that have been implemented. Our adventure farm does much to prevent grey energy by processing milk from the cows on the resort. The restaurant kitchen produces yoghurts, cheese, butter and cream. Care is also taken to buy only locally and regionally where possible. Preference is given to working with suppliers who can also demonstrate a sustainability strategy.

For an existing operation such as the Swiss Holiday Park, which was built at a time when sustainability was practically not an issue, it was not easy to achieve the set goal of climate neutrality. The effort was enormous and was much more complicated than with a new building. The Swiss Holiday Park is proud to be one of the first operations in Switzerland to receive the Green Globe certificate. All measures have been implemented in such a way that guests do not have to accept any loss of quality.