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Game season in the Schwiizer Stube

September also sees the start of the game season at Swiss Holiday Park. Peter Amrein, chef, master of three restaurants, conjures up wonderful, traditional and newly interpreted game and autumn dishes from his kitchen. Some of the meat comes from the Grisons hunt of Walter Trösch, the head of the company. The wonderful porcini mushrooms that accompany the dishes are collected by his wife Miriam. Many herbs used in the autumnal recipes come from Werner's herb garden. The Schwiizer Stube has four cosy, different rooms, each with a story to tell.

The "Schwiizer Stube", the cosy restaurant with its dignified wooden parlours, is located in the building of the Swiss Holiday Park Hotel. Hardly anyone would suspect such a charming, homely restaurant behind the modern, rather sober-looking façade. The "Schwiizer Stube" consists of the four wooden rooms Fichtenstube, Schlossstube, Arvenstube and Fonduestube, which are all different, but all exude a cosy ambience. There is an interesting story behind the Schwiizer Stube restaurant. The antique wood in the four parlors comes from historic houses that were demolished at some point. While the wood in the Arvenstube comes from an ancient house in Bergün, the Fichtenstube was once at home in Obwalden. The wood with its carvings in the castle parlour adorned a castle in the canton of Neuchâtel in olden times and the clinker floor in the entrance area comes from an old monastery in the Münstertal. The two beautiful old tiled stoves used to heat noble patrician houses in the canton of Thurgau. The antique wood, the tiled stoves and the floor were collected in two years by Walter Trösch, patron of the Swiss Holiday Park, through a wide network of contacts and installed in the present Schwiizer Stube in 2007. The four unique Stuben represent the diverse Switzerland, just as the menu and wine list do. The concept is consistently implemented and that is precisely why it is so convincing. The Schwiizer Stube is not only suitable for a romantic meal for two, but is also ideal for larger and smaller family celebrations. The likewise antique windows separating the parlours can be opened if necessary.

Autumn is also the season for game in the Schwiizer Stube. And hardly anywhere else do the autumnal dishes fit better than in the Swiss ambience. Not only lovers of venison, deer, chamois or wild boar get their money's worth, autumn also offers vegetarians a colourful variety of autumnal delicacies: Porcini mushrooms, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, chestnuts and cranberries also taste wonderful without meat.

Schwiizer Stube - Cosiness the Swiss way

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