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There is always something to celebrate

Organizing a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a Christmas party, a company event or any other event takes a lot of time. Time that is often lacking. And many are quickly overwhelmed with the organization of an event. The event team and the catering team at Swiss Holiday Park know how to do it.

In today's hectic everyday life, many do not find the time for the elaborate planning of an event and like to leave it to a professional team.

The professional event planners of the Swiss Holiday Park

The Swiss Holiday Park is a location where families and companies really find everything they need for the perfect celebration. An experienced event team is on hand to advise and professionally and competently organise any occasion, whether it's a small party or an event lasting several days with overnight stays. We will help you choose the location, decorations, menu, social program, excursions and every little detail for the perfect occasion.

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A lot of questions before the event can be organized

For a perfect event, there are a lot of questions to be answered in advance, before the actual organisation of the event can begin. Below you will find a checklist, which you can also download here.


Checklist for organising an event

  • When should the event take place?
  • How many guests are invited?
    • Draw up a guest list
  • How are the guests invited?
    • Invitation card with registration deadline
    • By mail
    • Via WhatsApp
    • Via Facebook
    • Other
  • Where should the event take place?
    • Private
    • External
  • Set dress code
  • If the event is to take place externally
    • How big does the room need to be?
    • Are there any special height, width or seating requirements?
    • Is there enough parking space?
    • How will guests find the location?
    • Is signage required?
    • Are technical aids needed (e.g. for presentations)?
    • Are there enough hotel rooms (for events lasting several days)?
  • What is the budget?
    • For food + drinks
    • For supporting programme (music and other activities)
    • For decoration
    • For overnight stays
    • For arrival
    • For give aways
  • Is there a motto?
    • Is there a dress code for the theme?
    • Should the decoration be adapted to the motto?
  • Should the event take place outdoors?
    • Is a tent needed?
    • What does the bad weather variant look like?
  • Food + drinks
    • Stand-up aperitif with finger food
    • Lunch or dinner
    • What kind of drinks do I want to offer
  • Arrival/Departure
    • Are the guests travelling individually?
    • Should an organized transport be offered?
    • Is the location easily accessible by public transport?
  • Supporting programme
    • Music (band or playlist)
    • Other activities (sports activities, team challenges, excursions, etc.)
    • Show interludes
    • Performances