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Training in the gym - what's the point?

Training in a gym has some great advantages and offers professional support in creating and implementing an individual fitness plan. At the Swiss Holiday Park it is also possible without a subscription. You can also buy day tickets or 10-person subscriptions. A huge range of Group Gym offers is available for you to choose from. The Swiss Gym is the address for fitness for all ages.

If you train regularly, you are already on the right track. However, many do not train optimally because they do not have an individually created training plan and therefore do not achieve their goals. Many acquire their own fitness equipment for home use, which is then used regularly in the beginning and soon sits in the corner because the motivation for disciplined training is lacking. Many also do outdoor sports. This is highly recommended, but for most it is a one-sided workout, as not all muscles are exercised when running. So there is a lot to be said for a subscription or regular training at the Swiss Gym fitness centre in the Swiss Holiday Park.

  • You enjoy a wide range of training equipment
  • Professional fitness instructors are at your disposal
  • You can book your personal fitness coach
  • We will draw up your individual training plan and support you in implementing it
  • We offer attractive Group Gym courses
  • The motivation to train regularly is increased by like-minded training partners
  • There are always enough parking spaces available
  • We look after your children free of charge in TOM's Kids Club.
  • The Swiss Gym is an ideal complement to outdoor training
  • Sauna area, Day Spa and Roman-Irish thermal baths in the house. Depending on the subscription, these offers can also be used free of charge

For weight reduction Jogging or weight training?

When more calories are burned than are taken in, a calorie deficit is created. The body attacks the fat reserves and you lose weight. At the same time, however, the protein reserves are also attacked. If you want to build up or keep your muscles, you have to consume enough energy (protein) to build up your muscles and you have to train properly. No matter whether you go jogging, cycling or swimming, the calorie consumption increases due to the increased movement. At the same time, if you reduce calories instead of increasing them, you lose weight. Quite logical, actually. Endurance sports get your heart and circulation pumping and improve your stamina. In addition, it is advisable to burn fat with targeted muscle building. Trained muscles burn more calories than untrained muscles. Strength training is best done in a fitness centre, as there is the largest selection of equipment available and you can train the muscles of different parts of the body in a targeted manner. When you feel that your problem areas suddenly look sporty and crisp, this is enormously motivating. Combined training with endurance and weight training according to an individual training plan therefore makes double sense.

Pay attention to a healthy diet

If you change your diet at the same time and consciously reduce carbohydrates, this will accelerate weight reduction. Proteins are very important for building up muscles, so you must consciously pay attention to the intake of proteins. Of course, a piece of chocolate or fine pasta may also be included in the menu now and then, because overly strict diets promote the yo-yo effect.

Patience is the key

If you remain patient and try to change your life in such a way that regular exercise and healthy eating are integrated into your daily routine, you will achieve the greatest success in the long term.