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Food Waste - everyone can do something about it.

Food waste is on everyone's lips at the moment. The Swiss Holiday Park has recently become a member of United Against Waste. The resort has been tackling this issue for a long time and is implementing many measures to curb food waste. But not only restaurants can do something against food waste, private households are just as challenged.

United Against Waste is an industry association in the food service sector. It is actively committed to reducing food waste in out-of-home consumption. Every year, 265,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste are produced in the value chain of out-of-home consumption in Switzerland. This food waste causes costs and unnecessarily burdens natural resources. The United Against Waste association has set itself the goal of halving food waste in the catering industry. In recent years, Swiss Holiday Park has already implemented many measures to reduce food waste. The membership to the association United Against Waste strengthens the efforts and means a full concession to a sustainable handling of food.

Everyone can do something Did you know that the majority of vegetables are thrown away because they are too crooked, too ugly or too small? This is pure waste and would only cause head-shaking in poor countries. But it is not only the initiative of catering businesses that is needed. Every single person can do a lot against food waste. E.G.

  • Measure portions so that no leftovers are left over.
  • Many foods and dishes can be frozen if you have bought or cooked too much.
  • Creative new dishes can be made from leftovers. Our grandparents were masters at using leftovers. Numerous old and still popular recipes bear witness to this.
  • Already when shopping, make sure that there is no food waste.
  • You can find lots of useful information, ideas for avoiding food waste and recipes at or