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3-generation holidays are the trend

When 3 generations go on holiday together, there are different expectations of the hotel. Often parents pay attention first and foremost to child-friendliness. But parents and grandparents also want to relax and enjoy themselves.

It is not only the children who should be able to experience something during a family holiday. A nice family holiday also means that the parents can switch off from everyday life. A children's club is particularly valuable in this respect. There the children are kept busy. They get to know other children with whom they can play, do handicrafts and experience fun adventures. Childcare gives parents a few free hours that are otherwise missing in everyday life. FOR EXAMPLE. Playing sports, a game of tennis , being pampered in the Day Spa with a wellness or cosmetic treatment, enjoying a meal for two, simply lying in a deckchair for once and reading a book in peace and quiet.

3 Generation Holidays in Trend

More and more often 3 generations go on holiday together. If both parents work, grandparents often look after the children and do an incredible amount of voluntary work. This close relationship with the grandchildren is something very beautiful. Today, seniors are usually still in great shape, look younger than they used to, and are much more open and uncomplicated than they were a generation ago. Childcare is a meaningful and enjoyable activity for grandma and grandpa. They enjoy being there for their grandchildren without having to parent them. Grandchild care also has a very positive effect on grandparents. One still has a task and is mentally and physically challenged. So it is only natural that they all go on holiday together. A 3-generation holiday has many advantages. There is always something to talk about, the grandparents tell the grandchildren stories of the past and you share the childcare. Parents get to have togetherness once again, a tête-à-tête or a night of sleeping through the night. Grandparents enjoy the variety that 3 Generation Holidays offer. It is guaranteed not to be boring. But all this only works if there is harmony between the grandparents and the parents. If they disagree on many points in everyday life, or if they have fundamentally different ideas about holidays and everyday things, then things are bound to go wrong during the holidays. The previously functioning cohabitation could lead to a crisis. Parents should also not let grandparents come along just for the sake of childcare. They are entitled to holidays too. Even younger grandparents who are still fit need rest and more recreation time as they get older. Likewise, there needs to be mutual respect and everyone needs their space. If you choose a hotel that offers attractions for all ages and interests and the children can let off steam in a Kids Club, then everyone can enjoy their holidays. Switzerland's largest holiday and leisure resort, the Swiss Holiday Park, is a 3 generation resort with many attractions for all. The idyllic Morschach is a place where children can let off steam with adventure, swimming fun and fun games, teens can chill out and adults can relax with sports and wellness.