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Interview with Marc Lehmann, new director at Swiss Holiday Park

Since 1 June 2019, Marc Lehmann is the new director of the Swiss Holiday Park. We welcome him warmly and wish him a good start. Clearly, we would like to get to know the new boss a little better.

Marc Lehmann, can you introduce yourself very briefly? I was born in Graubünden and now, after 12 years in the greater Zurich area, I have moved back to the mountains. I also very much appreciate the unspoilt nature and unique location of Morschach in my private life, whether I'm hiking or cycling. Together with my two teenage sons, I enjoy racy descents on the ski slopes in winter and in summer we perfect our new hobby together, kitesurfing. Having grown up in a family of hoteliers, I also decided to become a hotelier after completing a commercial banking apprenticeship. The variety in this job and the contact with people fulfill me every day anew. I have many years of experience in the management of holiday and city hotels and have also managed a large leisure and holiday resort. I will be able to put this experience to good use in my current job.

You started your new job with us at Swiss Holiday Park a few days ago. What appeals to you about this challenging task? It is a privilege to take over the successful life's work of Walter Trösch, the previous owner and director of Swiss Holiday Park AG. The business is very well set up and organised in an exemplary manner. I am also fascinated by the diversity of Switzerland's largest holiday and leisure resort, the proximity to the mountains and the lake, and the unique location on this sunny high plateau. This dreamlike holiday world, located in the centre of Switzerland, is the perfect symbiosis for me, which corresponds exactly to my professional as well as private ideas.

Do you already have plans for what you would like to change? It's too early to talk about changes. I see a lot of positive values here that I would like to continue to cultivate. It will take time for me to get to know the whole resort with all its facets. I want to make the takeover gentle for both the employees and the guests. Of course, there will also be further development, because we want to remain attractive and in keeping with the modern spirit of the times. The guests should always be surprised with new experiences.

What projects will be implemented this year? This year we will continue to implement the projects that are already planned and underway. These are some surprises for the guests but also technical and infrastructural adjustments behind the scenes. Since 2019, Reka is the new owner is Reka of Swiss Holiday Park. What changes with the new ownership? Reka has been part of the resort for many years with its holiday homes. The philosophies of Swiss Holiday Park and Reka are already very close. We want to get to know the resort as a whole first and then make any necessary changes. What synergies are there between the Swiss Holiday Park and Reka? Reka is one of the largest providers on the Swiss holiday market and is correspondingly professionally organised. The numerous business relationships with various industries and the association of holiday villages offer enormous potential. This will benefit the Swiss Holiday Park. For example, we can benefit from the large group volume in purchasing or use additional channels in marketing, to mention just a few of the numerous synergy opportunities. Where do you think Swiss Holiday Park can still grow? The SHP has a very extensive and professional infrastructure for meetings, conferences and even congresses. I see great potential to make even better use of these facilities. Reka has a very large network of business partners who are predestined to hold their meetings in Morschach in the future. Do you have a guiding principle? For me, the focus is always on people, both the guests and the employees. What type of leader are you? The team concept is in the foreground for me. Employees should be able to contribute their ideas and experience, because together we are stronger. I see myself more as a sparring partner or conductor.