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Nordic Walking is healthy

This sport is unjustly ridiculed. Nordic Walking is a simultaneously gentle and yet challenging sport for everyone and also in winter a good sport for daily exercise. If you observe people who use Nordic Walking poles, you will see many who do not really know how to use the poles properly. They more or less just carry them around. In the Swiss Holiday Park, Nordic Walking is available as a group course, you can book a personal training where the correct technique is taught or you can simply rent poles.

There are many reasons for Nordic Walking:

  • Skeletal muscles and endurance are challenged and trained.
  • The ligaments, tendons and joints are strengthened.
  • The risk of injury is very low.
  • Unlike jogging, there is hardly any impact on the musculoskeletal system.
  • The foot and shin muscles are trained, as well as the upper body.
  • There is almost no muscle soreness.
  • The regeneration time is short.
  • The intensity of the training can be lighter or stronger depending on the fitness level. Therefore, the sport is ideal for beginners as well as high-performance athletes. The sport can be practiced into old age and can be adapted both in terms of time and training intensity.
  • The sport is also perfect for groups. You can do something for your health and have a chat at the same time.

To achieve the best results, technique and the correct use of the poles are important:

  1. The arms and legs are moved diagonally. The feet are completely rolled over the heel.
  2. The poles always point diagonally backwards. The point of contact of the poles is approximately under the body's centre of gravity, i.e. approximately at the point of contact of the opposite foot.
  3. The stick thrust should be as powerful and dynamic as possible. The wider the pole swing, the longer the stride.
  4. In the backward movement of the arms, the sticks should be pushed all the way back for the greatest possible arm extension. During the backward movement the hand lets go of the grip. The loop remains as a connection between the grip and the hand.
  5. The poles should be brought as close to the body as possible. The handle remains slightly open at the fingers so that the poles can swing forward very loosely.

Nordic Walking not only promotes physical fitness, but also has a positive effect on mental well-being. This healthy sport can also help against stress and depression and is also a good balance to training in the gym.

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