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Coordination device Sensopro

Why is coordination training important? Coordination skills are extremely important in all everyday movements and most sports. But very few people work specifically on coordination skills. Coordinative skills regress if they are not trained regularly, so constant training is important. With well-trained coordination skills, falls can be avoided, among other things.

Regular coordination training

  • improves all movements and mobility needed in daily life
  • improves posture and movement sequences
  • prevents incorrect strain
  • avoids pain caused by poor posture
  • protects against falls and injuries

Coordination training strengthens the following skills:

  • Reactivity
  • balance
  • orientation
  • Rhythm
  • differentiation
  • Anticipation
  • Coupling ability

Sensopro - The standardized coordination training device now new at the Swiss Holiday Park The Sensopro device was developed by Kaspar Schmocker at the University of Bern starting in 2008. As part of his sports studies, he wanted to construct a device that would enable coordination training under load. With complex movements, easy on the joints, simple and safe to use. Last but not least, the training on this device should be fun and motivating. This has resulted in a comprehensive concept. With the Sensopro, coordination training is child's play. The programs can be viewed as videos on a large screen and are divided into categories. The videos show the exercises in detail from two perspectives. You always know how long an exercise will take and what to look out for.

After a short introduction, the trainee can use the Sensopro independently thanks to the video kit. The programs continuously offer new training stimuli and provide variety.

Coordination under load Not only competitive athletes should train coordination under load, but everyone. This minimises the risk of injury and improves performance.

The range of people who benefit from coordination training extends from Parkinson's patients to top athletes. Neurological clinics work with it as well as the operators of large fitness chains.

Fun and motivation through quick results Training on the Sensopro is fun and takes no longer than 10 minutes. The short adaptation times and lifelong trainability of the coordinative abilities ensure quick successes, which are additionally motivating.

The Swiss Gym fitness team is available to anyone interested at any time.