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Herbs and organic herbal salts

Who knows borage or lady's mantle? Then rather chives, parsley or thyme. But not all thyme is the same. For several years now, our deputy chef at Swiss Holiday Park, has been at home in the world of herbs and tends the in-house herb garden with great passion and expertise. His homemade herbal salts are legendary.

Not only the most common herbs are planted in the hotel's own herb garden. Over 30 known and unknown varieties are grown scattered throughout the resort and later used in the hotel kitchen. The herbs are planted in special herb beds. However, various herbs can also be found throughout the resort, in the flower beds by the go-kart track and throughout the grounds around the hotel and theme park, often hidden amongst flowers and ornamental plants in the semi-natural garden. Not only herbs in the conventional sense are cultivated. You will also find many edible flowers such as marigolds, horned violets, lavender or camomile, which provide colourful accents on the plates or are used for salts and flower sugar. All from organic production, of course.

We produce various special herbal salts ourselves and are always tinkering with new creations. His wonderfully fragrant variations are available in the shop in pretty tins and are also a good gift for hobby cooks.