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January 2024Winterspecial
Winter, Wunderland, Overnight stay, Family packages, Family holidays
3-day ski pass included!


from CHF 395 per person

Enjoy the winter paradise in Morschach and on the Stoos.

In addition to the included services

  • 3 nights in a standard double room
  • 3-day ski pass for Stoos
  • Admission to the Roman-Irish thermal baths

January 08 to 28, 2024

January 2020Does Fondue Chinoise really come from China?
Gastronomy, Did you know...

Does Fondue Chinoise really come from China?

The fondue chinoise, so popular with us, actually has its roots in China. The Huoguo (fire pot), is a dish with a broth. This type is common throughout East Asia (China, Taiwand, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Vietnam). In many areas, the fire pot is very popular, especially in winter.

January 2020The power of rating portals
Overnight stays

The power of rating portals

Before the digital age, people went to a travel agency to book holidays. Travel agents had a dream job. They were the influencers of the time. Digitization has completely turned that around in tourism. There is hardly anyone anymore who doesn't book their trip or hotel room themselves and online. The review portals play an important role in the choice. The reviews of guests/customers influence the decision to the highest degree.

November 2019Nordic Walking is healthy
tips & tricks, Sports & Leisure

Nordic Walking is healthy

This sport is unjustly ridiculed. Nordic Walking is a simultaneously gentle and yet challenging sport for everyone and also in winter a good sport for daily exercise. If you observe people who use Nordic Walking poles, you will see many who do not really know how to use the poles properly. They more or less just carry them around. In the Swiss Holiday Park, Nordic Walking is available as a group course, you can book a personal training where the right technique is taught or you can simply rent poles.

November 2019There is always something to celebrate
Family, Business, Events

There is always something to celebrate

Organizing a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a Christmas party, a company event or any other event takes a lot of time. Time that is often lacking. And many are quickly overwhelmed with the organization of an event. The event team and the catering team at Swiss Holiday Park know how to do it.

November 2019Wellness and health tip: Sea salt
Wellness, tips & tricks

Wellness and health tip: Sea salt

Too much salt in food should be avoided, but for the skin sea salt is very healthy. Many minerals and trace elements are important nutrients that are contained in the salt. Here are a few tips on how to do cosmetic sea salt treatments well at home. Such treatments are even nicer when you can pamper yourself in our spa. Share your experience with us and win 2 spa entries.

October 2019Back to the past
Did you know...

Back to the past

Morschach - The place where once the noble society cavorted

October 2019Children and animals - A combination that fits
Family, Erlebnishof Fronalp

Children and animals - A combination that fits

Most children love animals and want a pet of their own. A pet has very positive effects on children.

October 2019More holidays and leisure time with Reka money
Did you know...

More holidays and leisure time with Reka money

Pay for your holidays or leisure activities at Swiss Holiday Park with Reka money.

October 2019Coordination device Sensopro
Sports & Leisure

Coordination device Sensopro

Sensopro - The standardized training device for top coordination now new at Swiss Holiday Park.

August 2019Excursion tips - Top 5
Family, Sports & Leisure, Summer, tips & tricks

Excursion tips - Top 5

Lake Lucerne offers an incredible variety of activities and events on and off the water. Here you will find our top 5:

August 2019Enjoyment weeks at Erlebnishof Fronalp
Gastronomy, Summer, Erlebnishof Fronalp, Family

Enjoyment weeks at Erlebnishof Fronalp

In September 2019, Switzerland will host the Gourmet Weeks, organised by in collaboration with Slow Food CH. The Swiss Holiday Park is represented with the unique milk processing concept and has been chosen by as a pearl of pleasure.

August 2019Water in the Swiss Holiday Park
Summer, Recipes, Backstage, Did you know...

Water in the Swiss Holiday Park

Did you know that Swiss Holiday Park serves its guests fresh water from its own spring? Since its introduction in April, over 8500 bottles have already been sold. Read about the Swiss Holiday Park's sustainable approach to water.

August 2019caution is required
Family, Did you know...

caution is required

Children drown quickly and quietly. It's frightening: drowning is the second leading cause of death among children under four. Even small pools pose a danger. Why is that?

June 2019What is a natural garden?
Summer, Spring, Did you know...

What is a natural garden?

The grounds at Swiss Holiday Park are surrounded by a garden designed to be close to nature. The resort received an award from the Nature & Economy Foundation in June 2015 for its nature-oriented garden design.

June 2019Food Waste - everyone can do something about it.
tips & tricks, Gastronomy

Food Waste - everyone can do something about it.

Food waste is on everyone's lips at the moment. The Swiss Holiday Park has recently become a member of United Against Waste. The resort has been tackling this issue for a long time and is implementing many measures to curb food waste. But not only restaurants can do something against food waste, private households are just as challenged.

April 2019Suitable children's shoes
Family, Did you know...

Suitable children's shoes

Your child will not complain if they wear shoes that are three sizes too small. Most often, children do not notice.

April 2019What is Pilates?
Sports & Leisure, Did you know...

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body workout. The abdominal, pelvic and back muscles are specifically trained. The aim is to train especially the deeper lying muscles. Pilates training includes strength exercises, conscious breathing and stretching.

April 2019Hospitality in Switzerland
Family, Business, Overnight stays, Events, Gastronomy

Hospitality in Switzerland

We are a resort that receives many compliments on the review platforms for the friendliness of the staff. Recently, a guest commented that our friendliness seemed artificial. This made us think about what natural or artificial friendliness means and what Swiss hospitality is.

April 2019Today's challenges in the catering industry

Today's challenges in the catering industry

From traditional, light and modern, gluten and lactose free to vegan cuisine. Cooking in a resort like the Swiss Holiday Park challenges the kitchen crew every day anew.

January 2019Bewegung im Fitnesscenter Swiss Gym
Sports & Leisure, Winter

Training in the gym - what's the point?

Training in the gym has some great advantages and offers professional support in the creation and implementation of the individual fitness plan. At the Swiss Holiday Park it also works without a subscription. You can also buy day passes or 10-person subscriptions. There is a huge range of Group Gym offers to choose from. The Swiss Gym is the address for fitness for all ages.

January 2019New: Year-round baby care
Winter, Family

New: Year-round baby care

The Swiss Hotel is now also a real baby hotel. Since January 2019, baby care is offered all year round.

January 20193-generation holidays are the trend
Winter, Family

3-generation holidays are the trend

When 3 generations go on holiday together, there are different expectations of the hotel. Often parents pay attention first and foremost to child-friendliness. But parents and grandparents also want to relax and enjoy themselves.

November 2018Red underwear for luck and success

Red underwear for luck and success

The last day of the year is celebrated extensively in almost all countries of the world. But the traditions could not be more different. While red underwear is an absolute must in one country, grapes or lead pouring play an important role in another. We have researched and summarized the most original New Year's Eve customs.

November 2018Aussenansicht Sommer
Did you know...

Green Globe recertification

The Swiss Holiday Park has been Green Globe certified since 2015 and was one of the first hotels in Switzerland to receive this certificate. Green Globe is an internationally active certification organisation for sustainability founded in 1993 and specially developed for the travel and tourism industry. In November 2018, the Swiss Holiday Park was due for recertification. In their report, Green Globe particularly praised the sustainable garden design, the organic herb gardens, the nutritionally developed children's buffet and the healthy offerings on the menu, as well as the smart resource management. We want to keep working to improve our sustainability and do our part to ensure that future generations will also find an intact environment.

November 2018Wellness: Winter skin care
Wellness, Winter, tips & tricks

Wellness: Winter skin care

The skin needs different care in the cold season than in summer. The cold air outside, but also heated rooms are a problem for the skin. It is not only exposed to the cold, but also to a lot of dry air. When it gets cold outside, we dress warmer. In the same way, the face, which is exposed to the weather without protection, must also be protected from the cold.

November 2018Want a quiet Christmas without a big family party?
Family, Overnight stays, Winter

Want a quiet Christmas without a big family party?

Not for everyone it suits to celebrate Christmas in the family circle. There are many reasons for this. The Swiss Holiday Park is open on all festive days. The Christmas Special is just right for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle, are alone or don't have much to do with the festivities. The package includes many services for relaxing and restful hours in a peaceful ambience. Fine dining included.

November 2018Christmas gifts - Tips
Winter, tips & tricks

Christmas gifts - Tips

In Switzerland, Christmas is the most important celebration of the year. Family and friends are often given gifts for the beautiful festivities. We think that gifting leisure experiences always fits. At Swiss Holiday Park there is a suitable gift for every budget, interest and age. You'll find lots of ideas in our online shop. And you can order them until the last day of Christmas.

September 2018Aussicht von Morschach
Family, Fall

Central Switzerland: Mecca of vantage points and world-famous mountain railways

The region around the Swiss Holiday Park offers countless wonderful hikes and rides on unique mountain railways to the most beautiful viewpoints. Nowhere else are there such a large number of mountain railways that are unique, have held world records for years or have created new ones. And many small mountain railways like the one in Uri provide nostalgic memories or an adrenalin kick. Already the rides offer unforgettable views and great photo subjects. The views of mountains and lakes inspire everyone. The Swiss Holiday Park in Morschach is located in the middle of it all and is an ideal starting point for excursions to the following most beautiful viewpoints.

September 2018So hiking is also fun for children
Fall, Sports & Leisure, Family

So hiking is also fun for children

Children like to move, but they find simply hiking totally boring. The Swiss Holiday Park has put together a hiking package that is also fun for kids. The family hiking quiz includes three tours where there is a lot to experience. The region around Morschach is also particularly exciting and offers many exciting excursion possibilities for families, not only for hiking. Below we have noted down a few tips so that the hiking day with children is guaranteed to be a success.

September 2018Our herbal salts

Our herbal salts

Who knows borage or lady's mantle? Then rather chives, parsley or thyme. But even thyme is not just thyme. Our deputy chef at Swiss Holiday Park, is at home in the world of herbs and tends to the in-house herb garden with great passion and expertise. His homemade herb salts are legendary.

June 2018Carefree bathing thanks to clean water

Carefree bathing thanks to clean water

Kari Herger is Head of Technology at Swiss Holiday Park. He has been working in this capacity at Swiss Holiday Park for over 22 years and knows every corner of the resort. He is also responsible for ensuring that the water quality in the pool area always meets the specifications. Quite a challenge with full occupancy.

June 2018Watch out for sunburn!
Summer, tips & tricks

Watch out for sunburn!

Although you should protect yourself from the sun all year round, the risk of sunburn is particularly high in summer, as a large part of the skin is exposed to the sun. Especially the skin of children is very sensitive and must be protected to a high degree. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, use sun creams with more or less sun protection factor or stay in the shade as much as possible.

June 2018When the family plans a trip
Family, Summer, tips & tricks

When the family plans a trip

"Go out into the world. It is more fantastic than any dream". This saying by Ray Bradbury is a wonderful statement. But family holidays also have their pitfalls and all parents know it: pre-holiday stress. Planning and packing are huge challenges. The space required is large, the effective space for luggage small.

March 2018Minigolf - Who invented it?
Did you know..., Sports & Leisure

Minigolf - Who invented it?

Mini golf is a very popular activity, especially among families. Do you know who invented mini golf? For once, the inventor is not from America, but from Switzerland. Nowadays minigolf is mostly played according to the system of the Swiss garden architect Paul Bongni. By the way, the minigolf course at the Swiss Holiday Park is open every day, and the go-kart track and the flying fox course will also be open again from April 1 after the winter break.

March 2018The day of the mothers
Family, Spring

The day of the mothers

Since when has Mother's Day actually been celebrated? The origin of Mother's Day is in America and the custom originated there about 100 years ago. This beautiful custom, which is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, is a sign of appreciation to all mothers. Children make gifts, and together with dad, they cook on Mother's Day to spoil their mothers. At Swiss Holiday Park, many families celebrate Mother's Day at our luxurious Mother's Day brunch, or they book a few days' holiday where not only mum can be pampered at the spa, but the whole family can enjoy the many attractions.

March 2018Riding is fun and healthy
Spring, Summer, Erlebnishof Fronalp, Sports & Leisure, Family

Riding is fun and healthy

Horseback riding is more popular with children than ever before. Horseback riding is not just a fashionable sport, but a very meaningful leisure activity. Riding promotes empathy and a sense of responsibility. Body tension is trained and helps to prevent posture problems. At Erlebnishof Fronalp there are riding offers for children as young as 2 years. The pedagogically trained riding instructors teach the children the nuts and bolts of riding.

January 2018The colourful family festival
Family, Overnight stays, Events, Spring

The colourful family festival

Like other holidays, Easter is celebrated differently in Christian countries. While in German-speaking countries Easter nests are hidden by the Easter Bunny, other countries celebrate the feast of the resurrection of Christ quite differently. For most people, however, Easter today is a celebration with a few days off work, when people like to travel and escape from everyday life. Easter is also something special at Swiss Holiday Park. For the kids, TOM's Happy Club has come up with lots of Easter activities. But the adults will also have a lot of fun. Read on, there is exciting information about the history of Easter or techniques for dyeing Easter eggs.

January 2018You can't get fresher than this
Erlebnishof Fronalp, Gastronomy

You can't get fresher than this

Hardly any hotel in Switzerland has anything like this to offer. On the grounds of the Swiss Holiday Park resort is the small Fronalp adventure farm. Cows, chickens, rabbits, goats and horses live on the typical Swiss farm. The milk from the ten cows, which produce between 150 and 200 litres per day, is processed entirely on site. Cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter and milk can be found on the breakfast buffet and in fine dishes. Read about the process from milking to the finished product.

January 2018Exercise against winter fat
Sports & Leisure, Spring

Exercise against winter fat

Spring is the time when we start wearing lighter clothes again. The winter fat accumulated over the cold season comes ruthlessly to light. The spring dresses from last year are too tight, you don't even want to think about the bikini or the swimming trunks! You want to get rid of the kilos that have accumulated over the winter as quickly as possible. But not everyone is so disciplined or so sporty that you can get rid of the excess pounds in a short time and sustainably. But you can do a lot without having to torture yourself.

January 2018Detox-Wunderkraut Bärlauch
Spring, Recipes

Wild garlic, the miracle herb

Wild garlic not only tastes good, the green herb is virtually a miracle cure.

Already in March after a few warm spring days the wild garlic sprouts again. If you like, pick it yourself and prepare fine dishes that not only taste delicious, but also do something good for the body. Wild garlic is usually found in forests in damp places where streams flow. Would you like to learn more about the miracle herb, then read on.

January 2018Detox mit Himmbeeren und Blaubeeren
Wellness, Spring, tips & tricks

Detox - purify the body now

After the long, dark and cold days, body and soul are longing for a detox cure. Detox is nothing other than purification. Although the buzzword detox is on everyone's lips, even our grandmothers had their secret remedies to purify their bodies, to bring the acid-base balance in order and to recharge their batteries.

January 2018HolidayCheck Gold Award
Family, Wellness

HolidayCheck Gold Award

Only seven hotels in Switzerland received the HolidayCheck Gold Award in 2018. Among them is the Swiss Holiday Park. If a hotel receives the HolidayCheck Award for the fifth time, it is awarded the Gold Award.

November 2017Baby care is a matter of trust
Family, Overnight stays

Baby care is a matter of trust

Babies and toddlers are not something you want to leave in the care of strangers. And yet: sometimes young parents want nothing more than to have a few free hours to themselves, even during the holidays.

November 2017The steepest funicular

The steepest funicular

The world novelty in the house skiing area of the Swiss Holiday Park will be opened on 17 December 2017. The steepest funicular in the world. After the early snowfall this year, you can look forward to a snowy, white winter.

November 2017Giving makes joy
Winter, tips & tricks

Giving makes joy

Giving presents at Christmas is an old tradition. Read below how the custom of gift-giving has evolved. Are you short of ideas? With leisure experiences, accommodation or wellness vouchers, you are guaranteed to go down well with the recipient. We have also put together a few tips on how to avoid the annual Christmas stress.

November 2017Advent calendar online

Advent calendar online

Advent calendars have been around for almost 200 years. They have constantly adapted to the times. In the meantime, they have also arrived in the digital age. Swiss Holiday Park has once again created a digital Advent calendar where you can win a prize every day on our Facebook page.

October 2017Autumn traditions
Fall, tips & tricks, Recipes, Gastronomy

Autumn traditions

It's time for game dishes. Our chef, Peter Amrein, adds his own personal touch to his dishes. For our readers, he has created a game dish that is very easy to prepare. The winter season is also Fondue Chinoise time, the most popular Swiss dish. We have researched where fondue chinoise comes from and why it is so popular in Switzerland.

October 2017Time of deceleration
tips & tricks, Fall, Wellness

Time of deceleration

The last three months of the year are perfect to pause for a few days. Hiking and wellness are an ideal combination to switch off from everyday life. Now there are particularly attractive offers for a short wellness vacation.

October 2017Children's buffet certification

Children's buffet certification

Fresh, seasonal, child-friendly: Swiss Holiday Park has created an innovative, balanced catering offer designed to motivate children to automatically eat healthily. For its child-friendly buffet, Swiss Holiday Park was the first hotel in Switzerland to be awarded the "Happy Spoon" quality label.

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