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School trips

Where children's hearts beat faster...

A school trip can be perfectly combined with a hike in the Swiss Alps, a visit to historical sites and a fun, sporty or educational stop at the Swiss Holiday Park. Teachers will find a wide range of options for unforgettable excursions and bright-eyed children.


  • Monday to Friday
  • Not valid on vacations and public vacations
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Of course, we are also happy to accommodate individual requests.

School excursion brochure

Water - the element of children

Combine swimming lessons with fun, action and relaxation. How about an aqua gymnastics lesson, for example? We will gladly provide you with the material. In addition to the indoor and outdoor pools, the adventure pool offers an adventurous rock landscape, 100 m slide, children's paddling pool with various water games and slides, whirlpool whitewater channel, massage beds, massage jets and much more.

Single admission per student* (from 10 paying persons)

For group inquiries, please fill out the following form .

2 hoursCHF 9
3 hoursCHF 13.50

2 accompanying persons free of charge, each additional accompanying person

2 hours CHF 13.50
3 hoursCHF 20

*Children up to 16 years / The special prices are only valid for school classes - valid from Monday to Friday during school hours, outside vacation periods and public vacations

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Formel 1-Feeling

Electric karts are available for children as young as 1.40 m for an exciting and action-packed afternoon. In the karting school, children learn tips and tricks about karting. The aim is to teach safe and accident-free karting. Among other things, theory and driving technique are explained. Afterwards, the students can try out what they have learned on the track (duration: 2 hours).


Single ride CHF 19 (subject to availability, no reservation possible)
Kart track exclusive 1 hour CHF 800**

Each additional child CHF 19
Each accompanying person CHF 25

*Students up to 15 years
***During official opening hours +20%

Outdoor go-kart track

Experience the farm live

On June 21, 2014, the Fronalp adventure farm was opened. This typical Swiss farm enlarges the area of the Swiss Holiday Park by another 80'000 m2. The farm is home to cows of the Brown Swiss and Jersey breeds, various breeds of goats belonging to ProSpecieRara, chickens, rabbits and, of course, horses and ponies. An orchard is also planted. Gradually, the farm will be expanded with other attractions. There are also offers for school classes, such as an educational trail with questionnaires and educational material about the farm. If you are planning an excursion on the theme "farm", please contact us. We will be happy to put together a suitable offer for you.

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Fronalp Adventure Farm

This strengthens class cohesion

With the hostel, the Swiss Holiday Park has an inexpensive accommodation option. The 2-, 4- and 6-bed rooms with bunk beds are simply furnished with shower and WC on each floor. There are no cooking facilities in the large lounge. However, we do offer very reasonable group meals.

Included services

Price per person/night

Adults CHF 75
Children 3 to 6 years CHF 35
Children 7 to 11 years CHF 45
Children 12 to 15 years CHF 55


  • Monday to Friday
  • Not valid on holidays and public holidays
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Accommodation offer

Excursion destinations in the region

Up high

Young and old can enjoy the new publicly accessible climbing tower directly on the grounds of the Husky Lodge Muotathal.

With a tower height of 12 meters and the more than 30 climbing routes in the 4th to the 7th degree of difficulty, it may be shown.

For admission, material rental as well as the obligatory signing of the liability committee and all other questions, our reception is at your disposal.

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Husky-lodge climbing tower


Equipped with climbing harness, helmet, gloves and via ferrata set, you feel your way to the rock and climb up the first iron stirrups. Secured to the steel rope, you put your feet on the stirrups and feel the airy affair. In the middle of the rocky ledge you allow yourself a short break and enjoy the unique atmosphere with a view towards the Husky Lodge. As a highlight you face the next challenge, the abseil. Secured by a rope you will overcome the rock face, the obstacle created by nature over thousands of years. Just watching becomes a spectacle!

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Rock path

Pure nature in the Muota Valley

The Bödmeren forest is located in the lower part of the Silberen-Twärenen karst area.

A guided hike through this sensitive and unique natural paradise shows you the formation, history as well as the fauna and flora of this untouched spruce forest. The trail leads you through the different vegetation phases after the retreat of the glaciers. Along bare high mountain karst past pioneer plants such as willows and pines to the dense subalpine spruce forest. Our local guide will explain to you the peculiarities and natural phenomena of the wood, the karstic underground and the life in the mystical virgin spruce forest.

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Bödmeren primeval forest excursion

The somewhat different "dog

Experience an eventful trekking with a special four-legged friend full of energy and power.

You will visit the beautifully built husky enclosure and get acquainted with the trusting sled dogs. Your musher will tell you a lot of interesting things about the care and keeping as well as about the work with sled dogs. Equipped with a special harness, you undertake an eventful trek in the Muotathal mountains. Back at the husky lodge, you can help feed the entire husky pack (only possible depending on the daily schedule).

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Living like an Eskimo

After a short snowshoe hike through the deep snow and untouched winter landscape, you will learn how to build igloos under expert guidance. In smaller teams you will create a winter-proof dwelling. You will learn which tools to use and that snow is not just snow. Block by block your igloo grows. The participants learn a lot of interesting facts about the inclination of the walls or on which side the entrance has to be made. You will learn all this and much more from our tour leaders.

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Igloo building course with snowshoe tour

Fascinated by the energy of the Huskies

You visit the beautifully built husky enclosure and get acquainted with the trusting sled dogs. Your musher will tell you many interesting things about the care and keeping as well as about the work with the huskies. Equipped with a special harness you go on an adventurous snowshoe hike with your bundle of energy. Off the beaten track you will hike through remote and unspoilt landscapes. Enjoy the silence and escape from everyday life in the unique Muotathal mountains...

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Snowshoe tour with huskies

in William Tell's footsteps...

Experience part of William Tell's history in the Hohlen Gasse.

The Foundation for the Preservation of the Hohlen Gasse offers visitors easily accessible and impressive information about the history and stories surrounding the historical memorial.

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Hohle Gasse

learn more about cherries and cherry...

Kirschstrasse Schweiz GmbH organises tours, seminars and events on the theme of cherries and kirsch and, in a broader sense, "chocolate & coffee" in Brunnen, Oberarth and Zug.

to the cherry street
Kirschstrasse a gigantic cave system...

Forget space and time, immerse yourself in the mysterious underworld of the Hellhole. With almost 200 kilometres, the Hölloch is one of the longest cave systems in the world. Experience the enormous dimensions of the gorges, giant rooms and passages. Let yourself be initiated into the secrets of the Hellhole.

to the cavernous hole
Hölloch Muotathal

a lot of action on a mountain...

Ideal for family hikes and family fun on the toboggan run, on the long suspension bridge or the jumping and bouncy castle area.

There is plenty to experience on the Sattel-Hochstuckli. Enjoy a panoramic gondola ride as the gondola turns leisurely. Once at the top, you can choose from a wide range of activities. In winter, skiing is a priority.

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The zoo is an unforgettable excursion, especially for families. Children experience the animals up close.

On around 42 hectares of unspoilt nature, visitors can observe deer, wolves, bears, lynxes and birds of prey at close quarters. Around 100 native and European wild animal species have found a species-appropriate home in the spacious facilities.

to the zoo Goldau

Discover Central Switzerland by water...

Discover Central Switzerland by boat. Throughout the summer, all steamboats and motorboats are underway daily and take you to the most beautiful places around Lake Lucerne.

Tickets for the Lake of Uri round trip are available at the reception.

zum Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne Navigation Company

a different wind is blowing here...

For surfers, the Lake of Uri has long been a household name, for those who want to learn the sport of surfing, the surf school offers various courses.

Other offers include windsurfing, kite shuttle, kayak tours, SUP, wakeboarding, boat driving school as well as a surf shop and camping site.


to the surf school
Windsurfing Lake of Uri

touch and go...

Hover silently and take advantage of nature: That's paragliding!

Do you fancy a breathtaking experience? Without a licence to fly? In the heart of Switzerland, with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and the unique Lake Lucerne, you can make it happen. As a "co-pilot" you can dare your first flight into the air with a specially trained tandem pilot.

to the paragliding flights

View of Lake Lucerne...

On Stoos you have a magnificent view of Lake Lucerne.

Whether hiking, biking, swimming, Nordic walking, paragliding or simply relaxing - there is something for everyone! Over 50 km of well-maintained walking and hiking trails with unique views and 4 special Nordic walking trails. Children ride the Stoos mountain railways free of charge in summer.

Ideal for family hikes in summer and a family ski area in winter.

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Hiking and skiing area Morschach-Stoos

Discover Central Switzerland simply and easily...

Buy just one ticket and enjoy free travel by train, bus, boat and numerous mountain railways in the entire Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region.

Buy just one ticket and enjoy free travel by train, bus, boat and numerous mountain railways in the entire Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region.

You can get the Tellpass at the reception.

to the Tell-Pass
Tell Pass

the city on Lake Lucerne...

A trip to Lucerne is always worthwhile. For sightseeing, for shopping, for eating. The trip by boat from Brunnen is especially nice.

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is rich in sights. In addition to the world-famous Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower, the Musegg Wall, the Lion Monument, the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne (KKL) and many other buildings contribute to the impressive Lucerne cityscape.

to the city of Lucerne
city of Lucerne