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Bye bye home office - hello team

How often did longing arise during the last months? Longing for a return to normality, longing for reunions and for a fine meal in a restaurant. After a long phase of social distancing, one thing is clear: we all long to experience something, to meet our team colleagues and to have fun. With the wide range of activities on offer at Swiss Holiday Park, we provide the ideal conditions for successful team events. Solve the individual challenges as a team and experience an unforgettable day in the historical nature around Morschach.

True to the motto: TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More.

CHF 145Taster day pony farm
from the age of 7 up

Taster day pony farm

every Thursday

The children get to know the handling but also the care, feeding and keeping of horses. Of course, a small ride may not be missing. The course content is adapted to the age and weather conditions.

Course content

  • Horse care incl. theory about horses
  • Feeding and keeping of horses
  • Pasture and/or leather care
  • Getting to know other farm animals
  • Leading horses around obstacles and/or guided exit
CHF 190Beginner riding courses
5 to 12 years

Beginner riding courses

6 Wednesday or Thursday afternoons each.

The children learn the basics of riding in an age-appropriate and playful way. They learn what a horse is, how to handle it and how to build trust. The course also includes work around the horse.

Course content

  • General handling of the horse
  • Bridling and saddling
  • Horse care and hairdressing of tail and mane,
  • Hoof care
  • Basic concepts of riding
  • Guided riding out
  • etc.
20 minutes for CHF 15Pony Riding
from the age of 2 up

Pony Riding

First experiences and impressions on horseback with mummy or daddy. Alternating between cross country and the riding arena, with the adult leading the horse or pony.

Course dates

daily by appointment


All three social programs start at 13.00 and can be booked from Monday - Friday.

The activities cannot be combined or exchanged individually. (except in case of bad weather)

The adventure programme can be booked for 10 persons or more, the sports and leisure programme for 8 persons or more.

Decorations are possible and will be charged separately.

The exact number of persons we need with definite booking.