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Squash requires stamina, quick reaction and agility.

An ideal sport for all those who are in shape, want to get in shape or want to stay in shape and love the fast game with the little ball. There are two squash courts at your disposal.

Court/45 minutes in CHF
Monday - Friday until 5 pm 17
Monday - Friday from 5pm & Saturday, Sunday & Holidays22

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Racket rental CHF 5 per piece, indoor shoes CHF 5 per pair. Indoor sports shoes are compulsory.

Annual subscription, fixed place800
Half-year subscription, fixed place510
Subscription of 10, valid for 1 year195
daily09.00 - 24.00

1. the serve:

  • The serve is executed from one of the two service fields.
  • The player serving must have at least one foot in the service area.
  • The player with the first serve can freely choose the side of the serve. After each point won, the side must be changed.
  • The ball must hit the front wall (top of the wall) on the serve and land in the opponent's quarter on the other side.
  • If the server loses the rally, the opponent gets the right to serve.

2. the rally:

  • The front wall must be touched by direct or indirect path after each stroke. The way over the side and back wall is considered indirect.
  • The ball may hit the back wall or side walls any number of times, but may not hit the ground more than once before the playing partner hits it back.
  • If the ball touches the walls above the attached boundary lines, the boundary line itself, or the tin (lowest red line), it is considered to be in the "out".

3. letball (rally is repeated)

  • If it is a player's turn to play the ball, he has the right to sufficient space (no obstruction by the opponent).
  • The rally can, but does not have to be interrupted if the player feels hindered by his opponent. He can accept the obstruction and continue playing.
  • If there is a possibility of colliding with the opponent or hitting him with the bat or ball, it is preferable to interrupt the rally.
  • If the rally is interrupted by an obstruction, the following rules apply: Player is entitled to a letball (=replay of the ball) if he could have hit the ball back.
  • If the ball hits the teammate, a letball is awarded.

4th Let:

  • If the returner is not ready on serve and makes no attempt to take the serve.
  • During play, the ball is broken or the ball is trapped somewhere in the court after a return.
  • Going "out of bounds" after the first bounce.

5. no let ball: (loses rally).

  • If he could not have hit the ball back
  • If a player accepted the obstruction and still wanted to hit, but the ball did not stay in play.
  • The obstruction was so minor that the stroke would not have been affected.

6th Stroke: (Winning the ball change).

  • The player could have applied a winning stroke back.
  • The player would have hit the opponent's ball on a direct path to the headwall.

7. Count:

  • The match goes to three winning sets (player who wins three sets first wins the match).
  • If a player has 11 points, he wins a set. At the score of 10:10 a tie-break is played, the player who is 2 points ahead first wins the set (e.g. 13:11, 19:17).
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