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Taster day pony farm

Every Thursday

The children get to know the handling but also the care, feeding and keeping of horses. Of course, a small ride may not be missing. The course content is adapted to age and weather conditions.


  • from 7 years

Course content

  • Horse care incl. theory about horses
  • Feeding and keeping of horses
  • Pasture and/or leather care
  • Getting to know other farm animals
  • Leading horses around obstacles and/or guided exit$

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Participation from 7 years

Tasterday Ponyhof
each Thursday
9 am - 4 pm incl. lunch

Course dates spring 2022

  • April 14
  • April 21

Course dates summer 2022

  • July 7
  • July 14
  • July 21
  • July 28
  • August 4
  • August 11
  • August 18
  • August 25

Course dates fall 2022

  • September 29
  • October 6
  • October 13
  • October 20

Course costs
CHF 145, the number of participants is limited. If there are less than 4 children, the course can be offered in another form.

Riding is fun and healthy Riding is more popular than ever with children. Riding is not just a fashionable sport, but a very meaningful leisure activity. Riding promotes empathy and a sense of responsibility. Body tension is trained and helps to prevent posture problems. The Swiss Holiday Park offers age-appropriate riding lessons at its Fronalp adventure farm with trained riding instructors who show great empathy and patience. The horses and ponies are kept in an animal-friendly manner in accordance with the guidelines of the STS horse label. From the age of two, children can gain their first experience on the back of a pony, and from the age of eight, they can start with proper riding lessons.

Arguments for ridingRiding is not just a trend. Riding teaches children important things for life. Riding promotes empathy, intuition, fairness and a sense of responsibility. These are important values in the life of every human being. These values are trained while riding quite incidentally and out of self-motivation. In addition, the children are active when riding and move outside in the fresh air. By sitting on the horse, the muscles that are relevant for posture are trained. This can prevent posture problems.

From when do children learn to ride?

2 - – 5 years

At Swiss Holiday Park, children are allowed to ride from the age of two. They sit on the back of the ponies and are guided. This way they can gain their first experiences with horses at an early age.

5 - – 7 years old

At this age, the children's balance and sense of rhythm are trained in a natural way. Real riding lessons are not yet possible, as the necessary body coordination is still lacking.

8 - – 10 years old

From now on, beginner lessons and lunging lessons are possible. However, it is still difficult to control the left and right halves of the body independently. And it is difficult to concentrate for 45 minutes. Breaks and other activities are necessary.

11 - – 18 years

When motor skills are fully developed, riding training can continue steadily. From about 16 years onwards, full ability has been reached.

We take into account the developmental stages of children and adapt the lessons to their age. Our horses are used to dealing with children and are very patient. The riding lessons at Swiss Holiday Park can be booked by both overnight and day guests.

Let us advise you personally Phone 041 825 54 80

The right equipment not only makes the rider more comfortable, but is also a matter of safety. What you need to bring:

  • Riding shoes or sturdy shoes with a non-slip sole and a slight heel (rubber boots or hiking boots).
  • riding breeches or trousers without or with a soft inseam (leggings)
  • please take your own riding helmet (or bicycle/ski helmet) with you

Wearing a helmet is mandatory, long hair must be tied up and hanging earrings must be removed. Closed toed and sturdy shoes are also a requirement for guides.

Cancellations up to 7 days before the start of the course are free of charge. After that 80% of the costs will be charged. In case of illness, a doctor's certificate must be presented. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Riding is at the participant's own risk. The company declines any liability.

Daily09.00 - 17.00



For the individual activities we have to stick to the regular opening hours.

Horses and ponies

Large (also good for adults)

Year of birth


Friendly, hard-working, willing to work, good-natured, good approaches to dressage


Year of birth


ideal beginner horse, fond of children, comfortable, good-natured

Geldingyear of birth 2007

Breed Shetlandpony

Character our smallest, fond of children, loyal, friendly, hardworking, very willing to learn

Mareyear of birth 2009

Breed Welsh Pony

Character Friendly, cheerful, curious, good-natured, willing to work

Geldingyear of birth 2009

Breed Welsh Pony

Character Friendly, trusting, playful, willing to work, is well trained in dressage


Year of birth


intelligent, kind to children


Year of birth

Mini Shetty

comfortable, kind


Year of birth

Mini Shetty

attentive, motivated


Year of birth


curious, affectionate, robust, strong, intelligent


Year of birth


good-natured, patient, calm, strong

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