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Watch out for sunburn!

Although you should protect yourself from the sun all year round, the risk of sunburn is particularly high in summer, as a large part of the skin is exposed to the sun. Especially the skin of children is very sensitive and must be protected to a high degree. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, sun creams with more or less sun protection factor should be used or the child should stay in the shade as much as possible. However, if sunburn does occur, there are some effective home remedies. And even in the shade you are not one hundred percent protected from the UV rays. The best protection for the skin is to avoid any sunburn. Even if you don't feel any immediate after-effects after a sunburn subsides, the skin is not forgiving. Its ability to repair itself decreases. The risk of skin cancer increases. Children are particularly at risk. Therefore, great caution applies to children. In the meantime, there are bathing suits that protect against the UV rays. Highly effective sun creams specially developed for children are also available. And a sun hat should never be missing when you are in the sun with children. What can you do if you do get a sunburn despite being careful? There are some tried and tested home remedies from Grandma's medicine cabinet. In the case of severe sunburn with pain and blisters, a visit to the doctor is advisable. For babies and toddlers, even a mild to moderate sunburn should contact the doctor. Home remedies for a mild sunburn:

  • Drink plenty of fluids, as reddened skin needs water
  • Curd compresses
  • Camomile or black tea compresses
  • Aloe vera - cools and is anti-inflammatory
  • Avoid the sun (Attention: UV rays are also present in the shade).

If you are sceptical about home remedies, you can get advice at the drugstore or pharmacy. There you will find special creams for sunburn.