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Our outdoor tennis court offers the ideal conditions for your tennis game

Our outdoor tennis court offers the ideal conditions for your tennis game

For healthy tennis play, you need not only tennis shoes that are easy on the joints and a tennis racket that is easy on the joints, but also a modern surface that reduces damaging blows to the knees. The ceramic sand and artificial turf developed for Smash Court® make the feel of the game close to that of a clay court. The new surface provides an excellent bounce and playing experience.

Place/hour in CHF
Monday - Friday until 5 pm 20
Monday - Friday from 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
Racket rental5

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1st player

  • In tennis you play singles, doubles or the mixed.
  • One player on each side = singles
  • On each side two players of the same sex = doubles
  • On each side two players not of the same sex = Mixed

2. goal

  • To win more sets than the opponent.

3. course of the game

  • The game is opened with the serve. (Service)
  • Player one serves, the opponent returns (Return)
  • The serve is played behind the baseline into the front diagonally opposite court (service court).
  • The first serve is always played from the right side.
  • In a doubles or mixed match, it can be decided before the start of the set who will start with the first serve. On the next serve of the same team, the other player must serve.
  • From the moment the ball hits the court, the serving player may enter the court.
  • He has a second serve if the first ball is not placed in the valid service area. If this is also unsuccessful, the opponent receives a point.
  • The serve is repeated if the ball touches the net and still lands in the valid service area - otherwise fault.
  • The point is played if the serve lands in the correct field. 4.

4. next serve

  • On the second serve, the player hits from the left side into the diagonally opposite service area (mirror-inverted).

5. counting

  • Six service games must be won.
  • Therefore, in a service game, you must be the first to score 4 points before your opponent also scores 3 points.
  • The player who wins by two points wins the service game.

6. winning points

  • Winning points is how you win a set.
  • If the opponent cannot place the ball in the valid court, you score a point.