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Roman-Irish thermal baths

Where you swim in wellness all around.

Discover the Roman-Irish bathing culture where two traditional European bathing cultures combine in a delightful ceremony. In Roman style you bathe in comfortable warm-dry air, while the Irish custom is based on a stimulating steam bath. The Roman-Irish thermal baths are the only thermal baths in Switzerland to be supplemented with a brine bubble bath.

At lower temperatures, saunas can be taken without strain and are generally more tolerable. Please allow about two to three hours for the tour. The body is purified, the blood circulation is stimulated and the resistance of the organism is increased.

A soap-brush massage optimises the effect of the circuit. Please reserve your massage appointment well in advance.

Single entryCHF
Adults (Sat, Sun & Holidays)56
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From 7.30 p.m. & on Sunday from 5.30 p.m. there is a 20% discount on all single entries (not cumulative).
Including admission to the adventure pool and sauna area. Admission to the Roman-Irish Baths is limited to 3 hours.

Admission from 16 years

Happy Birthday:
Birthday guests receive free admission to the bathing area. (adventure pool, sauna area, Roman-Irish thermal baths)

The bathing landscape is not barrier-free. We ask our guests who are dependent on a wheelchair to come with an accompanying person when visiting.

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Basic contract fitness (from 16 years)12 Months1 month
Fitness incl. Group GymCHF 590CHF 79


Basic contract pool area12 Months1 month
Adventure poolCHF 660CHF 88Order
Sauna area incl. adventure poolCHF 810CHF 108Order
Roman-Irish thermal baths incl. sauna area and adventure poolCHF 990CHF 132Order
Combined season tickets*12 months1 month
Adventure pool + fitnessCHF 990CHF 132
Sauna area incl. adventure pool + fitnessCHF 1'155CHF 154
Roman-Irish thermal baths incl. sauna area and adventure pool + fitnessCHF 1'280CHF 171

Combined subscriptions can be purchased online with a Fitness basic contract or on site.

Navigating with the mouse Walk forward -> click into the picture (arrow appears at the bottom) Around view -> right click on one of the two downward pointing arrows or hold the left mouse button and slowly move the mouse left/right. (Do not move over the edge of the picture with the mouse button held down and let go)
Adventure pool, sauna area & Roman-Irish thermal baths
Monday to Saturday09.00 - 21.45
Sunday09.00 - 19.45

The sauna area will be closed on 8 September 2021 for maintenance. Price reductions due to the closure of the sauna area are excluded.

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The time spent in the cloakrooms ends 15 minutes after the official opening time of the bathing area.

For ecological reasons, the outdoor pool will not open as early as 9.00 a.m. when temperatures are cold, but a little later.