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When the weather is nice, a game of miniature golf will tempt you.

Whether in pairs or with the family, it's fun to try to hole the miniature golf ball with as few strokes as possible. Sometimes you succeed with luck, or skill. Either way, there is a lot to analyze at the end of a round.

Person/round in CHFChildren 7 - 15 in CHF
Monday - Friday until 5 pm 63
Monday - Friday from 5pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays84

Children up to 6 years free of charge.


  • The purpose of the game is to complete the entire course with as few penalty points as possible.
  • A maximum of six strokes are possible per course. The ball is hit from the tee on the prescribed path through the obstacles.
  • Any ball that fails to clear the obstacle must be put back on the tee (each attempt counts as a penalty point). After three unsuccessful attempts, the ball must be placed on the other side of the obstacle (white point), incurring a penalty point.
  • Any ball that goes out of bounds after the obstacle must be put back into play 20cm from the exit point, incurring a penalty point.
  • Any ball that stops at the barriers may be put back into play 20cm from the edge without penalty point.
  • If the target (hole) is not reached after six strokes, seven points are written and play continues at the next hole.
  • The player with the fewest points wins the game.
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