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The modern pizzeria

Italian specialties

From aperitivo to dolce. Modern "Italianità" is written in capital letters here. At il Gusto, guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to pizza & pasta and other Italian specialties. Enjoy the dishes and matching Italian wines in a family-friendly, informal atmosphere.

Pizzas are also available to take away.

The pizza topped only with olive oil, tomato slices and oregano or basil has been around since the middle of the 18th century, when the tomato became popular in southern Italy. The name is probably older.

As pizza had to be baked at a very high temperature of 400 to 500°C, which was not possible in most households in the past, it was initially prepared but taken unbaked to the local baker until a separate branch of the pizza-making trade, the pizzaiolo, emerged, who also made and topped the dough.

The Italian coast, especially the area around Naples, developed into veritable strongholds of pasta production because the particularly pure and germ-free air of the Mediterranean was ideal for drying. Wheat pasta has been cooked since the 12th century.

For families and groups, we recommend our pizzeria il Gusto with two separate rooms, the tavern and the grotto.

Hot kitchen
Monday to Sunday11.30 - 21.45
Friday, July 1211.30 - 15.00
Take-away with pick-up at il Gusto
Monday to Sunday11.30 - 13.30
17.30 - 21.30