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Who gets the first strike?

Bowl with friends or family and challenge each other. An experience for the whole family or with friends. Or in connection with a club outing or a family celebration. Bowling is simply fun for everyone. Opposite is the Fun Factory sports bar, where you can get your favourite drink or snacks to go with your bowling fun.


Children's bowling Bowling is also fun for the little ones. On the children's bowling lanes everything is just like the big ones, only smaller and more child-friendly.

BowlingLane/hour in CHF
Monday - Friday until 5 pm 36
Monday - Friday from 5 pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays45
Bowling shoes (obligatory)3 per pair

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Children's bowlingLane/hour in CHF
Monday - Friday until 17 o'clock 24
Monday - Friday from 5pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays27
Shoes for children's bowling alley2 per pair

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daily09.00 - 24.00

Definition: Pin: Designation of the cone in bowling Ball: Bowling ball with 3 grip holes for the thumb, middle finger and ring finger for precise guidance. The weight varies between 2.7 kg and 7.2 kg. Game: A bowling round consists of ten rounds, the frames. The aim of bowling is to knock down as many pins as possible in each frame. Frame: A round with a maximum of two throws. If all pins fall on the first throw, this is a "strike". If all remaining pins fall on the second throw, it is a "spare". 10th frame: If the player scores a strike in the 10th and last frame, he may make two additional rolls, or one additional roll in the case of a spare, to determine the score for that frame. Strike: Clearing all pins on the first throw. Spare: Clearing all pins on the second throw of the frame. In addition to the scores, the following symbols are used in the score sheet: Scoring: X = Strike / = Spare - = Missed throw F = Foul, e.g. when the delivery zone is exceeded The number of cleared pins per frame is counted. In the case of a spare, the number of points of the next throw is added as a bonus, in the case of a strike the number of points of the next two throws is added. So there is a maximum of 30 points per frame and 300 points per game.

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