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Trails in Morschach

Exciting outdoor recreational experience with family or friends, to puzzle and have fun. Let's go.

This is how it goesA crime trail is about solving a criminal case (e.g. theft). If you want to participate, you buy the crime trail in the store and receive a warrant code and a crime share. This is the description of the criminal case, the paraphrase of the warrant, the description of the suspects in question and the overview of the evidence found at the crime scene. You will then visit the crime scene and, in an order to be determined by yourself, the places of residence, work and leisure of the possible perpetrator. At these locations, you will obtain further clues that will allow you to rule out suspects. After solving the case, you check your suspect on the website and then convict the perpetrator with the arrest warrant code.
Distance & Durationapprox. 2 to 2 hours 45 minutes
SuitableIdeal for children from 12 years, groups and families
StartSwiss Holiday Park

You need for the crime trail

  • Cell phone with internet connection + SMS writing for on the way
  • crime file
  • warrant code
  • Ballpoint pen and writing pad
LanguagesGerman, French
Year createdApril, 2021
PricesCHF 32 group max. 5 persons
Point of saleStore in the amusement park
This is how it worksBecome a detective yourself! Solve the riddles, find the treasure, secure your prize and learn surprising and interesting facts about the region. At the end of the route you will find a treasure chest (in the store). The four-digit numerical code to open the treasure chest is calculated from the solutions to the riddles. If the treasure chest opens, there is a prize waiting for you.
Distance & Durationapprox. 3.7 km, 2 to 3 hours
SuitableIdeal for children from 6 years / families
Start / FinishTourist Information Morschach / Swiss Holiday Park
RemarkThe route is not suitable for baby carriages. Take good shoes with you, some parts lead over hill and dale. At the end of the trail there is a nice barbecue area.
Year created2019
  • 2 persons CHF 18
  • 3 persons CHF 27
  • 4 persons CHF 34
  • 5 persons CHF 42.50
  • from 11 persons CHF 7.50

Overnight guests benefit from CHF 2 discount per person

Point of saleStore in the amusement park