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Table tennis

Table tennis or ping pong is very popular with families.

But the game is also very popular among friends. With practiced serves, spins, undercut or other strokes you dominate your opponents. Practice makes perfect. In addition to the classic table tennis tables, a round table is also available. This creates a completely different variation of this game with the little darn ball.

Table/hour in CHF
Monday - Friday until 5 pm6
Monday - Friday from 5pm & Saturday, Sunday & Holidays9
Navigating with the mouse Walk forward -> click into the picture (arrow appears at the bottom) Around view -> right click on one of the two downward pointing arrows or hold the left mouse button and slowly move the mouse left/right. (Do not move over the edge of the picture with the mouse button held down and let go)
Sunday till Thursday 09.00 - 24.00
Friday and Saturday 09.00 - 01.00