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Fitness Center at Swiss Holiday Park

Exercise makes you fit, slim and healthy - and is an effective anti-aging method

Everyone who comes to Swiss Gym has a different goal. Whether it's to lose weight, get fitter in general, build strength or muscle after an injury or surgery, or train towards an athletic goal. Physically fit people are also mentally fitter and proven to live longer. We support you in achieving your individual fitness goals in an optimal and sustainable way. And this is completely independent of age, figure or current physical condition. A holistic fitness concept, the latest training technologies based on scientific findings and the motivation and inspiration of our fitness trainers - that is our strength.

Fit Gym (from 16 years)CHF 230CHF 26
Personal Training (1 Stunde)CHF 95

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Your personal subscription

Basic fitness contract (from 16 years)12 months1 month
fitnessCHF 630CHF 83

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Basic pool contract12 months1 month
Adventure poolCHF 660CHF 88Order now
Sauna area incl. adventure poolCHF 810CHF 108Order now
Roman-Irish thermal baths incl. sauna area and adventure poolCHF 990CHF 132Order now
Combined subscriptions*12 months1 month
Adventure pool + fitnessCHF 990CHF 132
Superdome + FitnessCHF 990CHF 132
Sauna area incl. adventure pool + fitnessCHF 1'155CHF 154
Roman-Irish thermal baths incl. sauna area and adventure pool + fitnessCHF 1'280CHF 171

*Combined passes can be purchased online with a basic Fitness contract or on site.

Personal training

Supplement your fitness subscription with a personal training session.

Personal training (1 hour each)
1 personal training sessionCHF 59
5 personal training sessionsCHF 235
10 Personal Training sessionsCHF 429
Bath towel subscription
1 yearCHF 160

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Open 365 days a year

Monday to Sunday06.00 - 23.00
last admission at 22.30

During unsupervised fitness times, the sports desk is available to answer your questions.

With our concept, we support you in efficiently achieving your individual goals and taking the decisive step forward. Our concept is based on current sports science findings. We look at you holistically, i.e. not just individual body parts. Your training plan therefore consists of exercises that involve your entire body. The plan is based on the principle of supercompensation. Because the combination of training and rest days leads to the best progress. In rest lies strength. This is where your body can regenerate and become stronger, allowing you to progress from workout to workout. Your workout is customized and THE biological law par excellence is applied here. The S.A.I.D. principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand). This means that specific loads lead to specific adaptations of the body.

We recommend a combination of strength and endurance training. It is especially effective to do this in separate workouts. They build muscle and burn energy in the form of body fat and calories.

Feeling really good after a workout is a powerful motivator. With our support and targeted stimuli, we ensure that you will be satisfied after each training day. At the same time, we spur you on to achieve more than what you previously thought possible. Push yourself to your limits, overcome your fears with fun and bite and release energy that you will also feel in your daily life. Let us motivate you to go one step further with every workout.

Try out new forms of training. For example, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or personal training tailored to your individual needs. You will find the right offer for you.

With Functional Training you train exactly the way you need to. Discover what you are made of on our Functional Training Zone. Our fitness trainers will help you discover new exercises and methods to challenge your entire body in a coordinative and dynamic way. Vary your workout and increase strength, endurance, speed, coordination and flexibility. Functional Training is fun, motivating and extremely effective. Challenge your whole body and not just one isolated muscle. Train your cardiovascular and nervous system holistically.

Cardio Training

Whether you want to increase your energy or reduce stress: Cardio training, also known as cardiovascular training, helps you stay fit. It strengthens your heart and lungs. Complete interval training or endurance exercises to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Strength training

Sculpt your body the way you like it. Build strength and burn fat. With the right equipment, such as free weights, dumbbells or resistance training equipment, and with the advice of our top trained fitness instructors, you'll improve your overall health. At the same time, you'll increase your muscle and bone strength.

The standardized coordination training device

Regular coordination training improves all the movements and mobility needed in daily life and strengthens reaction, balance, orientation, etc. With the Sensopro, coordination training is child's play.

More info about the Sensopro

Train with our fitness trainers also outside in the fresh air. For all those who like to train in nature, a varied outdoor training is guaranteed the right thing.