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Fronalp Adventure Farm

The modern farm was opened on 21 June 2014 and has since been operated as Erlebnishof Fronalp by Swiss Holiday Park. Many native animals, some of them ProSpecieRara breeds, live on the small farm, which is located on our grounds. A highlight are the horse riding offers. All around the horse there are exciting and unforgettable experiences for day and overnight guests. Ideal for riding holidays in Switzerland.

Philosophy - species-appropriate and yet full of exciting experiences At Erlebnishof Fronalp the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner so that they remain healthy and also have their rest periods. Nevertheless, visitors can experience exciting things here. They are integrated into everyday farm life and children learn in a playful way how a real farm works. They learn where milk comes from, how cheese is produced or how a baby calf is born.

We show you a typical Swiss farm.

Feeding of the animals The animals are fed by the farmer. We invite you to watch the feeding.

Farm-Infoweg On the whole area of the Erlebnishof Fronalp there are more than 12 big boards with interesting information about the farm and its animals. Did you know, for example, that a cow drinks up to 100 litres of water a day or that a Swiss person drinks an average of 380 litres of milk a year? Experience this exciting tour and learn more about farming.

Milking At Erlebnishof Fronalp you can watch milking directly in the evening. As a rule, milking takes place from 17.00 - 17.30 hrs. We ask you to be quiet during milking so that the cows are not disturbed by noise.

Calves In addition to the horses and cows, there are also calves in the calf box. The young cows are a magnet for the smallest guests and are on the calf pasture when the weather is nice.

Inclusion in the weekly programme Various activities for families and children around the Erlebnishof Fronalp are included in the weekly programme.

Go for Gold - Farm games made to measure!
At the Fronalp adventure farm, our farmer is looking for the best farm helper. Be it milking competitions, straw bale rolling or a wheelbarrow ride through an obstacle course, help our farmer and the fun is guaranteed! Make up your own disciplines from a variety of games. Our Meetings & Events department will be happy to put together your personal farm games for you and to organise other supporting programmes, reservations or other highlights at Swiss Holiday Park.

As a family outing
Combine your own farm games at Swiss Holiday Park. Great fun is guaranteed at Erlebnishof Fronalp.

Children (3-13 years)
We are also happy to put together farm games for groups of children and look after your children professionally. If you wish, your child can celebrate its birthday as part of these games and invite as many playmates as it likes.

As a group, club or seminar excursion

How about a change of scenery after an intensive seminar and immerse yourself in the world of the farm? Less than 300 steps from the seminar room, Erlebnishof Fronalp offers wonderful views of the mountain panorama and plenty of space for fun, sports and games.


  • Straw bale rolling
  • Dung scarecrow race
  • Nailing
  • Farm questionnaire
  • Rubber boot target throwing
  • Stacking logs
  • Carrying watering cans (on wooden slats)
  • Throwing horseshoes
  • Shooting cowbells
  • Farm boccia
  • Farm curling
  • Farm darts
  • Tree nut cracking (according to season)
  • Guessing the cherry stone
  • Spit cherry pond (according to season)
  • Sack race
  • Milking
  • Egg transport

Bookable from 10 persons
Three disciplines CHF 40 per person
Each additional discipline CHF 10 per person

Horses and ponies

Leading mare big (also good for adults) Year of birth 2003

Breed warmblood

Character Friendly, hard-working, willing to work, good-natured, good approaches to dressage

Mareyear of birth 2010

Breed Tinker

Character our youngest and ideal beginner horse, fond of children, comfortable, good-natured

Geldingyear of birth 2007

Breed Shetlandpony

Character our smallest, fond of children, loyal, friendly, hardworking, very willing to learn

Mareyear of birth 2009

Breed Welsh Pony

Character Friendly, cheerful, curious, good-natured, willing to work

Geldingyear of birth 2009

Breed Welsh Pony

Character Friendly, trusting, playful, willing to work, is well trained in dressage


Year of birth


intelligent, kind to children


Year of birth

Mini Shetty

attentive, motivated


Year of birth

Mini Shetty

comfortable, sweet

No farm without cows At Erlebnishof Fronalp, cows of the original Brown Swiss and Jersey breeds graze on the pastures and provide the milk that is processed into various products on the farm. Calves are also reared. Not only the children will enjoy the young animals.

Climbing artists Opposite the large stable where the horses and cows are housed is the new goat pen. Goats from ProSpecieRara are at home there:

  • Graubünden goat
  • Capra Grigia
  • Nera Verzasca
  • Peacock goat

The goats are bred so that the guests can always look forward to young "little goats".

Chickens - the valuable farm animals Chickens from ProSpecieRara have also found a new home with us:

  • Swiss chicken

The eggs fresh from the farm will enrich the breakfast buffet at the Swiss Holiday Park.

On a farm, which is visited by many children, rabbits can not be missing. The cute long ears make children's eyes sparkle.