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Carefree bathing thanks to clean water

Kari Herger is Head of Technology at Swiss Holiday Park. He has been working in this capacity at Swiss Holiday Park for over 22 years and knows every corner of the resort. He is also responsible for ensuring that the water quality in the pool area always meets the specifications. With full occupancy, this is quite a challenge. At Swiss Holiday Park, monitoring the quality of the bathing water is therefore always a top priority.

Even though the quality in most indoor pools is very good and often better than in open waters, one occasionally hears about black sheep or random laboratory samples in indoor pools that turn out negative. Such reports unsettle the guests. For this reason, water control is consistently monitored at the Swiss Holiday Park under the direction of the technical manager Kari Herger and it is ensured that the water treatment always functions well. The procedure works as follows.

The pool is filled with fresh water into the equalizing pool. When this is full, the system switches to normal operation. The flow rate of the filter pumps is greater than the mains water supply. Therefore the equalisation basin empties. The pump switches off automatically when the water level drops too low and switches on again automatically when there is enough water in the basin. The incoming water is already heated up during filling. Now the ozone system and the dosing systems come into operation.

The overflow water flows into an equalisation basin. From there it is pumped to pressure sand filters. The water flows through the sand filter from top to bottom and is thus freed from mechanical impurities. The bath water is then enriched with ozone, which ensures that all bacteria and germs are killed. This process produces pure water. This is heated by means of a heat exchanger. By means of a bypass system, a certain amount of bath water is fed into the circuit via the exchanger and heats the bath water to the desired temperatures.

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