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Wild garlic

the detox miracle herb

Wild garlic not only tastes good, the green herb is virtually a miracle cure.

Already in March after a few warm spring days the wild garlic sprouts again. If you like, pick it yourself and prepare fine dishes that not only taste delicious, but also do something good for the body. Wild garlic is usually found in forests in damp places where streams flow. If you would like to learn more about this wonder herb, then read on.

Wild garlic is also known as a remedy in naturopathy. The sulphurous essential oils have a positive effect on the intestines and stomach, digestion, respiratory tract, liver and gall bladder. The green wonder herb has a high detoxifying effect. The garlic-like herb is said to have other positive, healing properties. It is effective against high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and intestinal diseases, stimulates the metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels.

Often, however, remedies do not really taste good. This is different with wild garlic. You can prepare wonderful dishes with wild garlic. Our chef, Peter Amrein, has brought a recipe from his private collection that is easy to prepare and tastes wonderful. You can download the recipe here.

Recipe wild garlic soup