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Children need exercise - preferably in the fresh air

Children who move a lot are happier and healthier. Children fundamentally like to move. They have an inner urge to actively discover the world and to move. Curious, they discover the world and instinctively move and train their bodies. Movement develops coordination skills, a sense of balance and spatial experience. The experiences children have when they move train their self-confidence. In addition, movement promotes metabolism and the strengthening of bones, as well as the development of muscles and organs. In the Swiss Holiday Park there are numerous Possibilitieswhere children can let off steam, move around or train their motor skills, whether Holidayor at a Day trip.

The fact that children should move is clear to all parents. When actively exploring the world, children push themselves to the limits. In the process, there are sometimes minor injuries. Many parents want to protect their child from falls and negative experiences, which leads to children not being able to move freely because they are overprotected by fearful parents. Parents who are afraid their child will get hurt if they move often have the opposite effect. Also, the vast increase in media consumption through gaming, TV, etc. leads to a lack of movement. Parents lull themselves into a false sense of security, assuming that this will reduce the risk of injury. But the opposite is the case. Due to a lack of movement, children lack the experience that comes with moving. They become more susceptible to injury because of motor underdevelopment. The free movement of children is extremely important, because

  • it promotes the development of muscles and bones
  • it promotes and strengthens the immune system
  • it promotes the cardiovascular system and endurance
  • it works against overweight and diet-related illnesses
  • has a positive effect on the physical and mental development of the child
  • it promotes self-confidence

As soon as babies can move, the joy of movement comes. With appropriate toys, such as balls, they learn to assess and anticipate movements. Watching babies and toddlers, we sometimes can't make sense of their movements. But everything has a purpose. Climbing on furniture or other objects trains spatial perception and body awareness. By swinging, spinning or bouncing, the sense of balance is strengthened. Many objects in the home or outdoors offer opportunities to train physical skills. And they stimulate the imagination.

Vitamin D ensures strong bones

It is also important that children spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Outside they can fill up on vitamin D. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin. This is important for strong bones and a healthy immune system. And children also love to run around outside. Even when it rains, a walk outside can be a lot of fun. With wellies and rain jackets, there's nothing to stop the fun, and there's a lot more space to let off steam than indoors. Here you can also make noise and get dirty. In the evening, the children are satisfied, tired and fall asleep better. Outdoors, children also come into contact with germs that train the immune system. As a result, the children are less likely to get sick.

For the walk outdoors should be noted:

  • Do not expose babies to draughts or blazing sun.
  • Children should not be dressed too warmly. Children get warm quickly when they let off steam. It is easy to check whether a child is too cold or too warm by looking at their skin.
  • Children should be outdoors in all seasons and weather.
  • There should also be enough fresh air at night, by airing well before going to bed or by having an open window in the summer.
  • Those who live in the city should make sure they spend as much time as possible outdoors to avoid the unhealthy city air.

Children who are outside every day are healthier and happier. This is because the demands placed on the body and brain while climbing, running or playing ball affect the brain in a positive way. Children learn for life. Thus, they not only become healthier, but also happier and smarter.

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