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Minigolf - Who invented it?

Mini golf is a very popular activity, especially among families. Do you know who invented mini golf? For once, the inventor is not from America, but from Switzerland. By the way, the mini-golfcourse at the Swiss Holiday Park is open every day and the go-kart track and the Flying Fox course will also be open again from 1 April after the winter break.

The first minigolf course was opened in Ascona on 19 March 1954. The course was planned by garden architect Paul Bongni. He also standardized and patented the courses. This means that players can play on identical courses anywhere in the world. At the end of 1954 there were already 18 minigolf courses in Switzerland.

Since 1991 there have been minigolf world championships every two years. Would you like to play a game of minigolf again? The Swiss Holiday Park is open every day.


The rules of minigolf are simple. A maximum of six strokes are possible per hole. The ball is hit from the tee on the prescribed path through the obstacles. Each stroke counts as a point. If you don't reach the hole, you continue from where the ball is. If the ball bounces out of the fairway, it is played on from where it left the fairway. If it falls out of the course before the obstacle boundary line, it must be played again from the tee. If the target (hole) is not reached after six strokes, seven points are written and you continue playing at the next hole. The player with the fewest points wins the game.