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Hiking is fun for children too

Children like to be active, but they find just hiking totally boring. The Swiss Holiday Park has put together a hiking package that is also fun for children. The Family hiking quiz includes three tours where there is a lot to experience. The region around Morschach is also particularly exciting and offers many exciting excursion possibilities for families, not only for hiking. Below we have noted a few tips to ensure that the hiking day with children is guaranteed to be a success.

Smaller children usually still hike with great enthusiasm. With older children it becomes more difficult, because it is often too boring for them. But if great experiences are built into the hiking day, then the older children will also have fun and are guaranteed to complain less.
Experiences that are particularly fun:


Barbecuing by the fire with snake bread, sausages, grilled marshmallows etc. is simply part of a great hike. The children love looking for wood in the forest, helping to light the fire, looking for sticks on which to roast the snake bread or cervelat over the fire until crispy and eating grilled marshmallows for dessert. But beware. There is often a danger of forest fires in various regions during the summer and autumn. Find out about the current situation on the official website of the Swiss Confederation

Swimming at the lake

Many family-friendly hiking trails are located at the numerous lakes in Switzerland. You can also swim there, which can break up the hike or be the final destination of the hike. After cooling off, everyone is fit again. In many places you can also have a picnic at lakes. And for the children they are an exciting playground if the lake is not deep and has a beach.

Bathing/picnicking on rivers

Rivers and streams are a great place to spend time. You can dam up the water, swim and play in the dammed up lakes or washed out areas. You can look for beautiful stones or practice skipping stones with flat stones. The more they bounce across the water before they finally sink, the better.

Theme trails

Most tourist destinations have themed trails geared towards families. This adds variety to the hike, and the whole family can learn a lot about the corresponding theme. There is a lot to discover around the Swiss Holiday Park: The Animal Park Goldau. is located on an idyllic 42-hectare landslide site, where there are many species-appropriate animals to discover, some of which you are allowed to feed. The rocky terrain is also a great playground and invites you to climb without danger. Families will find easy circular walks on the Hochstuckli near Sattel. A suspension bridge, a summer toboggan run, a tubing run or a bouncy castle make the day more fun.
The Swiss Holiday Park offers the family hiking quiz, with 3 hikes at 3 different locations. And in the surrounding area there is the Moorerlebnisweg on Stoos or the Chäferliweg in Illgau. Or the joke hiking trail in the Muota Valley will make the whole family laugh.


  • Good, sure-footed shoes are also important for children.
  • Do not plan tours that are too long and monotonous. Children often walk back and forth and thus cover longer distances than their parents
  • Include activities
  • When touring with young children: Find out which paths are suitable for pushchairs
  • Take breaks for food and drink
  • Plan twice the time as indicated
  • Plan destinations and stopovers
  • The Swiss Holiday Park will be happy to put together a picnic package for you