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Swimming course for children at Swiss Holiday Park

The 1st basic test - badge crab

For all children who have had little experience with the element of water up to now. The swimming course is offered for all children from the age of 3 accompanied by their parents. Implementation from 3 children.


5x 30 minutes (Monday - Friday)

recommended age

3 - 7 years


3 to 5 year old children must be accompanied by their parents.
5 to 7 year olds can also participate unaccompanied.
Accompanying persons and children who want to use the adventure pool after the course pay the normal entrance fee.



Course content
  • Standing submerge for at least 3 seconds and hold your breath. Breathe out again above water
  • Submerge standing for at least 3 seconds and exhale visibly through mouth or nose while underwater.
  • Float in prone position for at least 3 seconds with head in correct position, keeping arms at side.
  • Push off the edge of the pool or stairs and glide independently in prone position for at least 3 seconds (without leg kick). The face should be in the water and the arms should be in the upright position.
  • Jump from the edge of the pool onto the feet and submerge immediately and completely.

Course dates

  • Swimming courses are available on the following website:



possible until Sunday before course day at 12.00 o'clock

Swimming school

Swimming school TABA Swim
Mrs. Barbara Zwyssig
Phone: 079 330 80 52


The Swiss Holiday Park and the swimming school TABA Swim declines any liability for accidents of the course participants before, during and after the lessons. The course participants are not insured by the Swiss Holiday Park and the swimming school TABA Swim. It is recommended to take out a personal private liability insurance.