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Current courses & offers

Various courses take place at the Swiss Holiday Park every year. Here you can find more information about the current courses

CHF 75Swimming course
from the age of 3 up

Swimming course

every monday till friday

With official crab badge. For all children who have had little experience with the element of water. Offered in the company of parents.

Course content

  • Submerge and hold your breath
  • Floating on water in prone position
  • Push off from the edge of the pool
  • Jump into the water and submerge completely

    CHF 145Taster day pony farm
    from the age of 7 up

    Taster day pony farm

    every Thursday

    The children get to know the handling but also the care, feeding and keeping of horses. Of course, a small ride may not be missing. The course content is adapted to the age and weather conditions.

    Course content

    • Horse care incl. theory about horses
    • Feeding and keeping of horses
    • Pasture and/or leather care
    • Getting to know other farm animals
    • Leading horses around obstacles and/or guided exit
    50 minutes for CHF 35Placeholder
    ideal from 3 years

    MuKi-VaKi Riding

    Together the horse or pony is cleaned and saddled, then the first experiences and impressions on the horse's back are collected. The horse or pony is led by a parent.

    Course dates

    every Sunday 11 - 11.50 a.m., other dates on request

    20 minutes for CHF 15Pony Riding
    from the age of 2 up

    Pony Riding

    First experiences and impressions on horseback with mummy or daddy. Alternating between cross country and the riding arena, with the adult leading the horse or pony.

    Course dates

    daily by appointment